Story Behind the Song
These are the stories of how some of the most popular worship songs were written, stories as told by the songwriters themselves! Simply click on a song title and an MP3 file will open your Windows Media Player to play the file. (Last updated 06-08-2008)

Above All- Paul Baloche
All the Earth Will Sing Your Praises- Paul Baloche
All Because of Jesus- Fee (added 06-08-2008)

All to You- Lincoln Brewster (added 12-10-07)
All Who Are Thirsty- Brenton Brown
Amazed- Jared Anderson (Desperation Band) (added 04-09-2008)
Amazing Grace (My Chains Are Gone)- Chris Tomlin
America- Chris Tomlin

Beautiful One- Tim Hughes
Beautiful Savior- Stuart Townend
Beauty of the Lord- Jared Anderson (Desperation Band)
Because of Your Love- Paul Baloche (added 12-10-07)

Better is One Day- Matt Redman
Blessed Be Your Name- Matt Redman
Breathe- Marie Barnette (Vineyard) (extra clip)
Bring the Rain- Bart Millard (Mercy Me)

Come Let Us Worship- Chris Tomlin
Cry Holy- Rick Heil (SonicFlood)

Did You Feel the Mountains Tremble- Martin Smith (Delirious)
Draw Me Close- Kelly Carpenter

Eagles Wings- Reuben Morgan (Hillsong)
- Chris Tomlin
Everyday- Joel Houston
Every Move I Make- David Ruis (Vineyard)

Facedown- Matt Redman
Famous One
- Chris Tomlin
Father of Lights- John Barnette (Vineyard)
Father Spirit Jesus- Mark Hall (Casting Crowns) (added 04-09-2008)
Fields of Grace- Darrell Evans
Forever- Chris Tomlin
Friend of God- Israel (co-written with Michael Gungor)

Give Us Clean Hands- Charlie Hall
Give You Glory- Jeremy Camp
Glorious One- Fee (added 06-08-2008)

God With Us- Bart Millard (Mercy Me) (added 12-10-07)
Grace Like Rain- Todd Agnew
Great is the Lord- Michael W. Smith

Hallelujah, God Is Near- Robbie Seay Band (added 04-09-2008)

(Hallelujah) Your Love Is Amazing- Brian Doerksen
He Knows My Name- Tommy Walker
He Reigns- Peter Furler (Newsboys)
Here I Am to Worship- Tim Hughes

Here In Your Presence- Jon Egan (New Life Worship/Desperation Band) (added 12-10-07)

Here Is Our King- David Crowder Band (added 12-10-07)

Here With Me- Bart Millard (Mercy Me) (added 04-09-2008)
His Banner Over Me- Kevin Prosch
History Maker- Martin Smith (Delirious)
Holy and Anointed One- John Barnette (Vineyard)
Holy is the Lord- Chris Tomlin

Hosanna- Paul Baloche (added 12-10-07)
How Great is Our God- Chris Tomlin
How Great is Your Love- Bart Millard (Mercy Me)
Hungry- Kathryn Scott (Vineyard UK)

I Am Free- Jon Egan
I Could Sing of Your Love Forever-
Martin Smith (Delirious)
I Give You My Heart
- Reuben Morgan (Hillsong)
I Need You More
- Lindell Cooley (Brownsville Revival)
I See the Lord- Andy Park (Vineyard)
I Still Believe- Jeremy Camp
I Will Not Forget You- Ben Pasley (Enter the Worship Circle)
In Christ Alone- Stuart Townend
In the Secret- Andy Park
Indescribable- Chris Tomlin
It is You- Peter Furler (Newsboys)

Knees to the Earth- Christy Nockels (Watermark)

Let Everything that Has Breath- Matt Redman
Let it Rise- Holland Davis
Let My Words Be Few- Matt Redman
Let the Peace of God Reign- Darlene Zschech
Let the Praises Ring- Lincoln Brewster
Let the River Flow- Darrell Evans
Let Your Glory Fall- David Ruis (Vineyard)
Lifesong- Mark Hall (Casting Crowns)
Light of the World- Christy Nockels (Watermark)
Light the Fire Again- Brian Doerksen
Lord I Believe in You- Tommy Walker
Lord I Lift Your Name on High- Rick Founds
Love Song for a Savior- Dan Haseltine (Jars of Clay)
Love the Lord- Lincoln Brewster

- Martin Smith (Delirious)
Mighty is the Power of the Cross- Phillips Craig & Dean
My Hope- David Crowder
My Redeemer Lives- Reuben Morgan (Hillsong)
My Savior My God- Aaron Shust

Nothing Without You- Bebo Norman

O Praise Him- David Crowder Band
O Worship the King- Chris Tomlin
Offering- Paul Baloche
Oh Lord You're Beautiful- Keith Green (courtesy EMI-CMG)
Only A God Like You- Tommy Walker
Only You- David Crowder
Open Skies- David Crowder
Open the Eyes of My Heart- Paul Baloche

Our God Reigns- Brandon Heath (added 12-10-07)

Praise You in this Storm- Mark Hall (Casting Crowns)
Praise You With the Dance- Mark Hall (Casting Crowns) (added 04-09-2008)

Rain Down- Martin Smith (Delirious)
Refiners Fire- Brian Doerksen
Rescue- Jared Anderson (Desperation)
Revive Me- Jeremy Camp

Shout to the Lord- Darlene Zschech (clip courtesy of Integrity Music)
Show Me Your Glory- Mark Lee (Third Day)
Song of Love- Rebecca St. James
Song to the King- Michael Farren (Pocket Full of Rocks)
Sweet Mercies- David Ruis (Vineyard)
Sweetly Broken- Jeremy Riddle

Take My Life- Scott Underwood (Vineyard)
Take My Life- Chris Tomlin
The Heart of Worship- Matt Redman
The Potter's Hand- Darlene Zschech
The River is Here- Andy Park
The Wonderful Cross- Chris Tomlin
Trading My Sorrows- Darrell Evans

- Wes Willis (Rush of Fools)

We Sing Alleluia- Jeromy Diebler (FFH)
We Will Embrace Your Move- Darrell Evans
We Will Dance- David Ruis (Vineyard)
Who Am I- Mark Hall (Casting Crowns)
Wholly Yours- David Crowder Band
Worthy is the Lamb- Darlene Zschech (Hillsong)

Yes You Have- Leeland (added 04-09-2008)
- Josh Havens (The Afters)
You Alone- David Crowder
You're Everything- David Crowder
You Are God- Scott Underwood (Vineyard)
You Are the Holy One- Joel Engle
You Are the One- Lincoln Brewster
Your Grace is Enough- Matt Maher (added 06-08-2008)
Your Name- Paul Baloche & Glenn Packiam
You're Worthy of My Praise- David Ruis (Vineyard)
(Hallelujah) Your Love Is Amazing- Brian Doerksen
(Hallelujah) Your Love Is Amazing- Brenton Brown
Your Love is Extravagant- Darrell Evans
Your Love Oh Lord- Mac Powell (Third Day)
Your Love Goes on Forever- SonicFlood

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